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Amazon Inventory Now.Pay Later.

Inventory funding for Amazon sellers

Get funding for 100% of your Amazon inventory at best in market rates without taking on debt or giving up equity. Don’t pay until you sell.

Kickfurther puts you in control of your Amazon business. Eliminate stockouts, keep up with demand, and move into growth mode.

Costs begin at 1% per month!

Control your repayment schedule (1-10 months)

Qualify with sales over $400,000

Unlock volume order discounts to boost margin

"All of our inventory to date for Amazon has been funded from our pockets, however as the sales levels have grown, the need for higher inventory levels has created pressure on our cash flow. Kickfurther's buy now pay later model is a match made in heaven for our Amazon shop where they funded our top sellers, which freed up our cash flow to add new products. Plus since their funding is non-dilutive, we can continue to scale while keeping 100% ownership."

Ricky Lapine, Sneaky Chef

Amazon Lending vs. Inventory Funding:

Which Option Is Best For Sellers?

Receive $500 off Kickfurther PRO!

Fund your Amazon inventory with Kickfurther and receive $500 off Pro. Maximize profits with accurate forecasting and restock suggestions with RestockPro.

We fund inventory for direct-to-consumer & major store brands

"Kickfurther is the perfect funding solution for our Amazon sales. We are one of the most popular games on Amazon, so Kickfurther's funding helped keep us up with the ever-growing demands where we had the opportunity to sell more inventory."

Joel Fleischman at Sullivan's Distribution Inc.

Sell a physical product with sales over $400,000?

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